Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Oppikoppi Unknown Brother SOLD OUT

I knew this would happen!

Oppikoppi Unknown Bother - Sold Out!

2010 also sold out. I was not prepared for the amount of people that were there, I despised Billy Talent for it mostly. This year, there is no blame because we saw it coming. In the mix we also have some rain! which will have two effects, one positive and one negative. Positive, everything will be cooler in the day, we will also need to worry less about showering. Negative, red dust will turn to rest mud, so on that list of essentials I recommend some Wellies!

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As an avid festival goer who believes that Oppi follows T in the Park as a close second for the best festival in the world, I really hope that Hilltop Live are ready for the 16000 human hooligans and the pee, poo, absurdities, litter, drunks, cars, tents, camping chairs, cigarettes, unknown brothers, known brothers, toilet paper, chaos, tequila breakfasts, beer cans, sunburn, mouths to feed, fires, dust, rain, plakkies, mayhem, thorn injuries and wind.

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