Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pukkelpop Disaster

 Pukkelpop is a festival that began in 1991 in the capital of the Flanders region, Hasselt. It takes place annually in August to take advantage of the European summer.

In 2011 the festival however didn't start off as expected, many of the stages collapsed after bad weather ripped up trees that ripped through the stages. This year boasts a crowd of 60 000 party seekers, who have had to run for cover with reports of 60 people injured and 3 deaths.

Images from y-Frog
 The Foo Fighters, Eminem and Thirty Seconds to Mars are among the performers meant to have performed at the festival that costs 155 Euros for a ticket.

Tweet if you're at pukkelpop and ok, tweet if you live close to the festival + can offer a roof or a hot shower.

other tweets have it rumored that the festival is set to continue as scheduled until Saturday in spite of the weather and the tragedy.

Good Idea? Bad Idea?

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