Friday, 29 July 2011

Oppikoppi 17 - Unknown Brother

It has finally arrived! The last weekend prior to Oppikoppi ... there is much preparation to be done. 2011 has been getting me down so I am using this as the perfect opportunity to make it better, its a true story though that the year always gets better after oppi and if it doesnt then you at least know how you dont want to live, at the festival of extremes!

Its got the best dust in the world, the most amount of portaloo's in a single space - It also boasts the weirdest array of people who suddenly feel the need to make hippy drum circles for no apparent reason.

Its happening 5 to 8 August at Northam Oppi farm (which is to be honest thorny and dusty, hot in the day and cold in the night - and it recently became some sort of national monument!) Now lets be honest where else can you throw up or have sexy time in a monument? This year the theme is unknown brother which I have translated as, make as many new friends as possible, give them tequila and make them your brother.

Tickets are R550.00, its a bargain for that you get the dust, the thorns, the drunk people, the bikers, the jocks, the stoners and every other joe public. This year also has international acts like Sum41 and The Used among all the awesome talent South Africa has on offer.

There are two ways to approach this festival, I have tried out both and have had an awesome time both ways.
Option 1 - Just go, screw everything... you and some cash and off you go.
Option 2 - Go prepared, its a better option but not an essential option over the years the festival has grown and there are stalls that can take care of all of your meals.

Or you can meet yourself and the festival half way and take some of the following essentials. Tent, Food (tuna, cracker bread, coffee, sleeping bag, vodka, tequila, a head light, jumper cables, whiskey, a spork, sunblock and some water, and the goods needed for a 4am chip roll)

This year I will be taking my Sweetie Pie, Wife, Newly adopted ugly step sister, some people from work who will possibly never look at me the same, Little Foot, Angel Pie and some of the several Nic's from the dancefloor. Oh and lil G - What a bunch of legends.
A picture says a thousand words, here is some of the fun you are in for....

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